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Kootenay lake near Nakusp

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm fed up with "Organic" this and that

When somebody tells you that something is a 100% Organic are they saying to you that if it were not 100% organic that there's something wrong with it?
Unless someone comes up with something real fast to show scientifically, that there's an absolute difference I will have to say I'm totally fed up with these folks.

I think this is a racket.
I will never buy another product with organic on the label.
Modern science and agriculture have expanded the food crops around the world sufficiently to feed a world more than twice the size it was in 1950. They continue to expand our horizons with new breakthroughs. Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, top quality meats, cheese, milk products. I could go on but we all know.
I am left with the feeling that the food and human commodities market is under siege by those folks who would undermine it in order to control the distribution of both food and commodities.
I do, on the other hand, endorse good stewardship of the planet and careful consideration for the environmental variables. I do not condone the use of arable land to produce 60 to 70% smaller crops in order to satisfy the "organic whim".

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