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Kootenay lake near Nakusp

Friday, March 12, 2010

I grow weary of Facebook

The continuous and unending drivel that passes for intelligent conversation. The constant requests for artificial friendships.
The silence that occurs when one posts anything of consequence.
The thinly veiled searches for personal data.
The terse, unjointed and unrecognizable broken sentences and comments.
The constant lack of response to comments that in normal conversation would require one.
A message from FB arrives in your mailbox suggesting one of your "acquaintances" has posted some information of value that you should be aware of.
You read it and are unable to decrypt the message.
You reply, "this message makes no sense to me"
The author repies that it does to people who should know the circumstances. --- I feel a pigeon hole starting to form.

The shallow and bizarre biographies of the life and times of acquaintances.
The tick tick tick of the clock that consumes us all.

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